I got a Wii Fit for Christmas.  Admittedly, I haven’t played it a whole lot.  And, I got the work out game from EA Sport for Wii and it’s way better.

So, I decided to work out with the Wii Fit thing that comes with the system the other day.  As soon

These are the evil Miis who call you out to your roomie.

as I got it geared up, it’s all like, “Where have you been?  I haven’t seen you in 20 days.  You’re off your program.”  Dude.  The stupid game is calling me out for not working out.  I already feel lazy and fat enough, not to mention, it’s been counting the days.  What the hell.  It’s, like, telling me I’m a fat cow.

A couple of days later, Roomie decided to play the thing.  It asked her if she’d seen me because I haven’t been around in a while and am getting off my program.  You guys.  The damn machine is not only giving me shit about not exercising, it’s calling me out to Roomie.  Piece of shit. It doesn’t call Roomie out to me!  It just hates me.  My own Wii Fit hates me.  Geez.