Justin doesn’t think I’m funny.  He claims he meant he just doesn’t think I’m funny on Twitter, but I know he meant he doesn’t think I’m funny at all.  Whatever.  My grandmother thinks I’m hilarious.  All she does is laugh when we talk.  That’s why I call her when I need someone to laugh with me. (I have plenty of other people who I can call to laugh at me…ahem, Justin)

Skip to 5 minutes later:

I was going to show you the Twitter lists I’m on.  A month ago, there were a few called “hilarity” and “people who make me shit I laughed so hard” but I seem to have lost my place on those lists.  Maybe Justin’s right.  I don’t really think I’m very funny on Twitter, but I was going to prove myself with the lists.  Damn.  I am, however, on some lists that will keep me awake tonight. Ahem:

And the one list…validating my original point.  Even though my original point has been, pretty much, torn to shreds.

The one person who still has me listed as funny.