I found this lovely little list on my friend Shannon‘s site and wanted answer these thoughts for myself.  Great idea, Shannon!

Outside my window… I can see trees and my porch and my beautiful, thrifted, gold chair.  I can see a black and white cat and the sun shining through the leaves.

I am thinking… of the best day I’ve ever had.  After a birthday party, as a kid.  Hanging out and eating candy with my best friend.

I am thankful for… the people in my life and the positive changes I have been able to make within my self lately.  And, my job.  My relationships. Justin.

I am wearing… knee high boots, skinny jeans, a cardigan and some of my favorite jewelry.

I am remembering… not to bite my nails.  I was doing great with keeping nail polish on them, but 5 hours with it off and I caved!!

I am creating…a mixed media painting and knitting a sweater.  The sweater and the painting are coming along slow.

I am going… to a hair appointment today, finally. My roots are running like a bad pair of pantyhose. (I totally jacked that saying from Shear Genius.) It’s true, though.

I am reading… The Easy Way to Quit Smoking by Allen Carr.

I am hoping… I can get all of these anxiety disorder problems under control and soon.

On my mind… Too many things to list

From the kitchen… lots of recycling that needs to be taken out.

Around the house… Stuffed with knick knacks and homey items.

One of my favorite things…is having time in the day to knit and take a nap and be with those I love.

Noticing that… I am turning into a more positive person than I ever thought I could or wanted.  Sometimes, I feel like I don’t know who I am anymore, but in a good way.
Pondering these words… Lots of pondering going on over here

A picture that I would like to share…