My car overheated for the second time in a week yesterday.  The second time in a week.  Seriously, car.  Don’t be an asshole.

The first time (last week) I had to have it towed, and I learned that people have absolutely no discretion.  The tow-er guy, who is super nice, and I discussed some of the insane things he sees when he is picking people up.  Like, people having sex and doing lines in their cars when he gets there.   Good stories.  I was very entertained.

Yesterday, overheated again, but I was able to drive it to the shop (Veterans Radiator, they’re great if you live in the Atlanta area and can stand a racist and/or political comment or two).  So, they were like, “You need new *something hoses.”  And, I was like, “Cool.”  And, it didn’t cost much, which made me really happy.  Then, dude came is and was all, “When we took the hoses off of your radiator, the radiator crumbled where you screw them in.  Due to dry rot.  You’ll have to buy a new radiator.”

“How much will that cost?!” I said.

They laughed.  Asses.  There were two of them at this point.  “Well, we can’t put the hoses back on the car until you get a new radiator.  Because the screw part crumbled.”  This is the part where I was about the freak out and have to call The Bank of Daddy and have him freak out.  I bet my face turned purple or something because next, dude was all like, “Do you know what day it is?”  Seriously, guy?!  I have to buy a new radiator, I can’t remember.  And then it came to me, “April Fool’s Day, girl.  We got you good.”  I told those mechanics that I hate April Fool’s Day (have I ever mentioned that?!  I really really hate it) and that they were all fired.  ‘sigh’

*I don’t know what the hoses were called.  Air hoses?