This morning, Chico and I rose early and went for a nice walk.  Caspian accompanied us half the way.  It was pretty funny, me, a chihuahua and a big, fluffy cat parading down the street.  Awesome.

Chico just had to sniff every bush and flower and blade of grass.  It was ridic.  We went to this really awesome park in my neighborhood.  I can’t ever remember how to get there directly, so I always take this back ass way.

(image credit)

This happens to be the same park where I saw that “Swan” that time.  And, upon further research, I don’t think it’s a swan or a goose.  It looks more like a giant duck.  And the other ducks that were there didn’t seem to want to hang out with the swan/duck.  He was alone.  And Chico and I chased him around a bit.  He was slow.  We were able to chase him for quite a bit, he wouldn’t jump in the pond or fly away. Did I mention he was really slow? It was awesome.  There were also these turtles sitting on a piece of floating wood.  Like 10 of them.  Not moving.  And all with their heads towards the sun.  I have never seen turtles there before.

Anyways, Chico is now strutting his stuff around town with an awesome new name tag from Urban Puppy.  (My neighbor yelled at me because he didn’t have one and I had to make sure he had the cutest one I’ve ever seen.  And, I found it.)  He’s now Sheriff of the neighborhood.

Isn’t he adorable?  He is.  And, his name is on the back, along with our phone number.  So, now, if he gets out, my neighbors can start calling and harassing me about him and not just the cats.  Awesome.