I would like to say that I love and hate Sunday nights.

Moving on.  I have been thinking about starting an Etsy store for a long time and this weekend, I got started!  I haven’t put anything online, but I am making some inventory.  I have a lot of great ideas and am excited to get some of them rolling.  Here is what I have so far:

Roomie says she is very excited for me and has volunteered to model anything that might need a model in the future.  I’m totally taking her up on this offer.  I am trying out some different things and have been brandishing the crochet hook for the first time in years.  I love knitting, but I have to give a shout out to crochet…it’s sooo much faster!!

I took some more pics of the items I have made so far.  I’m very pumped and I’m going to work on more pieces after I finish writing this. So, this is exciting.

Justin and I enjoyed a nice, laid back Sunday.  I decided that I needed boiled peanuts and Justin took me to a local restaurant who has them.   We actually went there Friday for dinner and they were out.  But, Sunday morning was a winner.  See Justin’s hands breaking open those nuts to the right.  Yay.  I was going to make some, but buying homemade ones is sooo much easier & faster, not to mention that my house doesn’t get covered in a layer of evaporated salt.  Ew, gross.

Guess what I’m doing tomorrow?  Taking my car to the shop for the 4th time in as many weeks.  I know, you’re all totally jealous.  Don’t be.  Maybe this dream will happen for you one day.

Oh, and Caspian wanted me to tell  all of you Hi!