My little Chico has allergies.  Last week, here in Atlanta, the pollen count was off the charts and poor little Chico started wheezing and hacking and just being generally pathetic and mucusy.

I didn’t know dogs could have allergies like people, this is news to me.  And, I have never had a dog before–everything he does is pretty new.

I’ve been giving him children’s Benadryl and snuggling him.  The medicine has been making him high instead of tired.  You would think medication that takes a normal sized dog down would make a Chihuahua go to sleep.  Not Chico.  He was running around and going into people’s offices and staring at them.  Coworkers were calling it the “WTF face.”  His staring was freaking some people out and he was quarantined to his bed area until he could stop with the craziness.

Chico and puppy being pathetic

I haven’t been wanting him to go outside other than to go to the bathroom.  The weather has

been beautiful and Chico has been a little asshole.  He goes into the most obscure bush in my yard and gets in it and glares at me.  Some spankings were issued over the weekend.  You would think he would learn after he comes in from being out there hacking and not being able to breathe for 5 minutes.

Last night he was lying under a blanket in my bed and I went in there to check on him.  5 feet away, he is breathing normal and sounds great.  2 feet away, still breathing normal, I’m feeling good that he is doing better.  6 inches away, Chico starts hamming it up and breathing out of his nose instead of his mouth and shuddering.  He sounded horrible and I couldn’t help but laugh.  I backed up to 2 feet again and he started breathing through him mouth.  Ass!  He’s trying to make me feel sorry for him.  The nerve.

I left his little butt at home today so he can get to feeling better and maybe the back and forth to work is making his allergies worse.  Who knows.  And he won’t be putting on such a show for me.  That has got to be tiring.

Do your pets do anything like that?