Hey guys!

Remember how I was starting a really frustrating knitting project in February?  And, remember how I had to start over, like, 3 times because the cast on was insane and then I found out the pattern was wrong?  I have good news!  I completed the back about a week ago and have started on the right front.  This is very exciting for me.  I thought I was going to have to pull the whole thing out there for a bit.  And then I had that horrible, sinking feeling I get sometimes while knitting something frustrating.  Like, I will never finish this and will be knitting this for the rest of my life (I might have a flare for the dramatic).  I did a little personal party dance when I bound off the back.  It was beautiful.  (The binding off, not the dancing.) And then I practically forced everyone I know to ohhh and ahh over my handiwork.

As you may be able to tell, I haven’t gotten very far.  I seem to have lost my knitting motivation after finishing the back and then I started working on the headbands and the bows and flowers and now that is all I want to work on.  Not to mention, I want to knit some socks.  Because nothing says “I need to wear socks” like hot weather and the end of winter.  Also, I found a bunch of really awesome sock yarn when foraging through my supplies for headband materials.

This conundrum often happens to us knitters.  We get a little feeling of completion and abandon projects for forever.  It happens.  More than I would like to admit, actually.  But it’s coming along.  Please cheer me on. I need it :)

UPDATE: So.  Last night, like I said I may do, I decided to put the headbands and crochet hook down and focus on getting this project finished.  During LOST, which was excellent last night by the way.  Well, after looking at the cables for a couple of minutes, I realized there was a horrible mistake that was unfixable and so obvious there was no way anyone would be able to miss it.  So, I frogged.  This is what the front of the cardigan looks like now.