My friend Sizzle and I have the same birthday.  Last week, she posted 37 things she likes about herself because she was feeling a little down about her birthday.  I decided to do the same.  Birthdays after 21 have been a little hard and I’m trying not to get so weird about my birthday.

Ok.  Here are 26 things I like about myself.

  1. I am creative
  2. I have a big heart
  3. I’m a great and loyal friend
  4. I love ferociously
  5. I’m a talented artist
  6. Who I am isn’t what I do for a living
  7. I can be compassionate
  8. I am learning humility (the hard way)
  9. I try really hard
  10. I am working on facing my fears
  11. I have put myself through hell, but it hasn’t held me back
  12. I stopped in time
  13. I enjoy learning
  14. I am able to be the bigger person
  15. I can look at the brighter side
  16. I’m a good singer
  17. I’m finny
  18. I want to be a better person
  19. I’m a good dog & cat mom
  20. I’m a good daughter/sister/grand daughter/niece
  21. I strive for change
  22. I can forgive
  23. I’m learning to let go
  24. I care
  25. Fall is my favorite season
  26. I can finally admit I like Christmas