This weekend was my birthday and I decided I needed to clean my room and clean out my closet.

I watched that show, Hoarders, a week ago and realized my room looks like some of those peoples’ houses.  Seriously.  Like, it’s really stressful to walk through there and Justin is always giving me a hard time about it and Chico is scared to jump off the bed.  So, I took the plunge.  I decided I needed to start with cleaning out my closet because there was a clothing mound that was growing by the day and I can never find anything to wear but my closet is stuffed with clothes.  If the closet is about to explode from being packed so full, but I can’t find anything to wear, some clothes need to get the boot.  I’m about to show to some before and in progress pictures.  Remember, don’t judge.  I’m changing my messy ways.

These are before I did anything.  Normal my room.  It’s extremely shameful.

So.  I took all of these pictures and then I worked for about 2 hours.  And I wasn’t discriminatory.   I donated like nobody’s business.  Each item, I was all like, “Self!  I know you love this dress, but you wore it once last year and it’s gotta go,” and it did.

Here is a pile of most of the clothes I pulled out of my closet with a vengeance.  (More followed, but this was the biggest pile)

Chico helped.

Here is a picture of me feeling overwhelmed, hot, and having horrible bed hair.  It’s possible that I hadn’t brushed my hair at this point.

I put things in bags to be donated and was able to get rid of the mound.  I’m so proud.  I went through my shoes, belts and purses, too.  Nothing was spared.  I haven’t quite finished the shoes or the cleaning due to Roomie coming home and enticing me away with promises of a birthday pedicure.  I now have yellow toes.

More bags followed, but look at all of that progress!!  Yay me!

The clothing mound is gone and I found some cool things I had stored in this bin and forgotten about.  I actually totally forgot the bin was under the clothes.  Also, I found some knitting accessories I have been looking for for awhile.  Totally awesome.

Look!  My clothes are hanging up and I actually wear all of the things hanging there.  Amazing!

Enough of that, for now.  Sunday, on my birthday, Justin and I went to my parents house and enjoyed a wonderful home cooked meal.  Then, we made our way over to Medieval Times.  My first time there, ever.

I honestly thought I was going to hate it.  I assumed I was going to get bored and not have a good time and that the yelling would get on my nerves and the lameness factor would be off the charts.  Boy, was I wrong.  I loved it!!  I had a blast and I yelled for the Green Knight at the top of my lungs with the rest of my section.  Their vegetarian meal was pretty great.  And, I took this horrible picture of us, me complete with crown:

How was your weekend?