I forgot to tell you guys yesterday, I launched my etsy store!

I’m so excited!  That’s Roomie in the pictures.  Doesn’t she look cute?  I only have 3 things posted so far, but I have several more to post once I have time to take photos.  I hope that this whole shop thing goes well, because I’m super pumped about it.

I’ve had such a great time crocheting and knitting these headbands and barrettes (which I haven’t yet posted) and finished my first baby headband earlier this evening.

After I write this, I’m going to dive into some Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I have always shied away from this show.  Because it seemed really lame and when it was on in high school, the people who were really into Buffy were not the people I wanted to be associated with.  Yes, I was a snob.  BUT, when I was in Graduate School, people were, like, totally freaking out about this show.  They were, like, grab you arm serious about it.  And there are hundreds of academic books written on the subjects of this show, so naturally, I have to see it.  I heard the first season sucks and just power through.