Tonight, I was inspired to paint.  I have been painting and drawing all my life and wanted to take my cartoon drawings, which you all have seen in previous posts to canvas.  I’m super excited about this and want to incorporate these paintings into my new etsy store!

Here is the little painting as it progressed over a couple of hours.  I don’t think it would have taken me so long if I was more used to painting with acrylics.  I haven’t painted with acrylics in 2 years and have been sticking to oils.  Alas, if I painted this in oil it would’ve had to be a very extensive project because I’m a perfectionist and I think I would have been painting and re-painting for a month.  Probably still wouldn’t have been done after that, either.

Chico was so helpful.  He sat in my seat every time I got up and tried to knock over my paintbrushes.

I learned tonight that painting small surfaces with acrylics is nervewracking.  But, super fun.  I had a blast and can’t wait to paint more!

Duh Dum!! 

And here is the final!  It will be listed in the store soon!  I’m so excited it turned out well!!  Please let me know what oyu think!