After writing my last post about the Inman Park Festival getting rained out, I decided to head down there. That’s right…in the rain.  I pulled on my rainboots, walked outside and jumped in a puddle for good measure.

I brought Chico and he was kicked out in about 30 seconds.  And, I totally lied to the COP and told him I was just walking my dog. ‘sigh’  I live in the neighborhood, they shouldn’t keep Inman dogs out.

I made it to June‘s booth and it looked beautiful, although the skies were gray.

When I got there, the rain had subsided but was definitely on it’s way back.  June and I chatted and tried to stay positive about the impending forecast.  We made friends with the soap people next door (June already knew them).  The beer volunteers across from our tent were the best!  The were shouting at everyone, “Have a beer, breakfast of champions! Barley and Oats!”  Once the sky darkened and the streetlights turned on, they weren’t deterred.  It was hilarious.  A downpour ensued.  I thought it was exciting.  I haven’t gotten to be in a tent in a downpour since I was in Brownies in fourth grade.

Below is June after tying things down and trying to stabilize the tent in the wind and rain.  She kept a smile and a positive outlook the whole time!

And, me having a model moment in the rain with the beer buddies!

Fast forward to Sunday and it was sunny and hot.  And fun.  I wore the wrong shoes to stand for four hours, but other than that, it was great!  June‘s booth was super busy and she sold a lot of her beautiful jewelry!  I helped.  It was awesome and fun and tiring.  I met several of June‘s great friends and her cute husband.  We were bombarded (in a good way) there for a while.

See those bright smiles?  June looks much more relaxed and happier in the sun.  She was able to sell a good amount of her inventory.  I hope she allows me to help again in the future!

P.S.  I was hoping, hoping to meet Lar and Cath, the infamous Asian Cajuns.  They promised to stop by and I never saw them.  We shall meet someday, ladies!