OMG, you guys.  I am sick again.  I was sick last week, also.  Maybe it’s the same sickness and it was hiding for 5 days and it’s now all like, “Surprise!  You thought you got rid of me, hahahahaha!!”  I imagine germs being pretty mean.

I’m toughing it out today.  This sickness feels like it might like to hold on to me and stay around for a while, so tomorrow could be way worse.  You never know.  I always want to call my mom and have her tell me I’m sick enough to stay home from work.  She says, “You know how bad you feel.”  I don’t like that.  I need affirmation that it’s okay to stay home.  Like when I was a kid and I had a fever and I was forced to sit on the couch and watch reruns of Who’s the Boss and eat Popsicles all day.  Those were the days.