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So, I had some requests for an outfit post.  These are not really my thing (doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy other people’s outfit posts) but I decided to do one.  In light of the new hair.

I put on a new dress I just bought and straightened my hair.  All for you.  Because I heart ya’ll.  Then, I realized my hair is very splotchy orange.  Like, Rainbow Bright Orange.  Like Dainty Squid orange, which looks good on her, but just not on me.  So, I called my stylist (hair person) and told her coworkers it’s a 911 situation.  She’s supposed to be calling me back.  ASAP.  While I’m there, I’m going to get my hair cut like Twiggy again.  Like I’ve been planning.

Hopefully I will have not just another hair update, but a scooter update soon!!


I dyed my hair last night.  Blonde.  Yes.  It’s a very intense change.  And I documented all of it.  Because I love you guys.  You’re welcome.

It ended up taking 3 hours.  I thought that my dark brown natural roots would be the problem, but it ended up being the red dye.  Above is right after I washed it and it red was really orangey.  Roomie told me I look like Vitamin C.  Seriously, Roomie, not what I wanted to hear.  Once it dried, I like it a lot better.

It looks a little more orangey in the pics than it is in person.

You guys, every time I look in the mirror I’m like, “Who is that?!!”  Then I remember, oh, it’s me.  Slowly getting used to it.  HUGE change!

So.  I texted my neighbor last night. (If you’re wondering why I’m talking about poo, read here.  Then please come back.)  I texted because he wasn’t home when I left and I’m lazy.  Walking across the street is a lot of work.

He told me that he doesn’t care about me enough to put all that effort into getting me back for the cat poo.  I claimed that my cats don’t poo in his yard.  And then I said “Your mom.”  He said I crossed the line, whatev.  He totally wishes he had thought of that comeback first.  Then, he told me it’s probably one of the other neighbors who is tired of the cat poo.  How many times do I have to tell this guy that my cats aren’t pooing in his yard?!! Geez.

I saw him taking his kids to school this morning and I gave him the “I’m watching you!”

Then, I allowed Chico to chase his 4 year-old into the car.  The kid wouldn’t get in his car seat.  You’re welcome.

Lots of my neighbors walk their dogs without leashes.  Like, big, mean looking dogs.  As a cat owner, this concerns me.  But not a whole lot because the unleashed dogs are really well behaved and I have never seen one maliciously chase or hurt a cat.  And trust me, the cats have the run of the street.  They’re everywhere.  There’s gotta be about 20 of them.

So, I was giving my neighbor (who is a good friend) shit about walking his dogs with no leashes the other day.  About the laws and how I was going to call the cops, blah blah.  He starts telling me that my cats are pooping in his yard and how there ought to be a law about cats pooping and I said that he doesn’t know they’re my cats, it’s probably the girl next door to him’s cats.  She has, like, ten cats, seriously.  Neighbors had an intervention with her a couple of years ago because some of her cats had kittens and none of her cats were fixed.  The kittens were taken away and all of her little friends are now fixed.  Anyways…this has been going on for a couple of weeks.  I’m starting to get the feeling he is serious about the cat poo.  My cats bury their poo, I’ve seen them do it multiple times.  They always bury it in my yard and I never see it (the poo).  Therefore, it couldn’t be Caspian and Aravis, they do no wrong. Duh.

About a week ago, I came home to a little pile of cat poo on my front steps.  I smiled about it at the time and thought it was kind of funny.  A couple of days later, more poo.  Then, when I got home today there was a bigger pile of cat poo.  I documented.  For you all.  You’re welcome.

I am completely amused by this, but perplexed.  Once, it’s a little funny.  I get that.  You’re taking the bantering to the next level.  Genius!  Now that we’re on at least the third time I’ve found a pile of poo on my steps, it’s weird.  This person has had to pick up poo out of his yard, multiple times (probably didn’t get that bounty all in one go) and transport it into my yard–on 3 different occasions.   I don’t know about you all, but I don’t want to touch cat poo if I can help it.  But, whatev.  It’s becoming more and more entertaining.  And, if you can see, it’s sitting in the middle of the steps.  Waiting for me.  My neighbors are super weird really great.

I had the best weekend ever.  It was awesome.  I haven’t had this much fun in I don’t know when.

I went to a Low Country Boil.  It was awesome and I got to hang out with friends I haven’t seen in years.  Awesome.

It was soooo good.  Even though the heads were still on the shrimp.  And I had to have someone prepare one for me to prove they were worth the work.  Because scrimps have poo and it’s gross.  According to one of my friends, all meat items come from “Planet Animalia” and then he went on to explain what that means.  I totally don’t get it.  But, shrimp are in this category.  According to him.

My friend, Rob, came dressed as Miami Vice.  It was awesome.  I couldn’t get them in the shot, but he was rockin’ some white keds with this ensemble.  Hell yes.  (Please go to his facebook and check out the profile pic.  It’s pretty much the best thing that’s ever happened to the world of photography.)

The COPS even showed up!

Just kidding.  He’s our buddy.  (I’m sure he’s heard this joke a million times.)

We had a great time and I helped and washed dishes.  Because sometimes chatting with your girlfriends while washing dishes is amazing.

Somehow, Vanessa and Lisa convinced me to go to a beach themed dance party.  And, I committed to dancing.  I haven’t danced in public since 6th grade, and it was an exception even then.  I feel like I’ve made such a big deal out of not dancing, that now I’m more insecure than ever about it.  I have always wished I could be uninhibited enough to just dance (it looks fun), but I never have been.  Until, that is, last night!  It was a major plus that I got to dress up.

Look at the leopard print shoes, they’re awesome!  I kind of forgot I have them.

I got to hang out with more people I haven’t seen in years.  It was really nice to see all of them.  Big time nostalgia.  I was reminded of my late teens and early twenties when we used to drive around the city and stay out til all hours of the night.  I remember how exciting the city seemed and how cool I felt to be out so late.  The things I have forgotten and that have lost their luster the older I get.

We started off eating at the wonderful Holy Taco…I took the opportunity to have a photo op.

Don’t you just love that hat?  I want it…it probably looks better on him though.

The party was so much fun and the dancing was fun.  It was just a great night overall.

I think I’ve previously mentioned that I’m not a running enthusiast.  Actually, thinking of running makes me really nervous and I almost want to have a panic attack about it.  I tried to run a few months ago and I made it about halfway around the block before I was hacking up a lung and I felt very unfulfilled exercise wise.

Well, these ladies in my office are doing something called C to 5k.  It’s a 3$ iPhone app that helps you get ready for a 5k in 9 weeks.  Couch to 5k.  And it works with the music on your phone to tell you when to run and walk.  Pretty awesome.  I’m going to do it.  I’m declaring it here.  Not that I will ever run a 5k, but that I will complete the 9 weeks.  I need cheering on!

When I got home from work last night, I finally felt attractive enough to take pictures of my new stuff.  To put up in the store.  And, I think these are the first pictures of myself I am happy with in a long time.  I think it was Sizzle who said she was looking back through old pictures and realized she shouldn’t have been giving herself such a hard time about her weight, at the time.  I feel like I’m going to feel like that about now in the future.  Does that make sense?

So, you guys should buy something from me.  Yes, I’m totally using this as a forum to peddle my wares.

Have a great Thursday!

Well, it looks like Lindsey Lohan is about to be arrested for failure to show up in court and failure to complete alcohol awareness classes.  Read about it here.  If she does end up getting arrested, these people will have won:

Chris W


I love this picture and I feel it accurately describes how I feel today.  And, it’s still morning, so.  I love the morning and spring mornings are great.  Everything smells fresh and dew is covering all of nature and the day has endless possibilities.  ‘sigh’  It’s so wonderful.

I was listening to a local radio show this morning and they were playing a betting game.  And, it was awesome, yet still a little mean and at someone else’s expense.  But we can all participate and it will be fun.  (Did I mention I’m a little high on various cold medicines at this point?  Not really high, they are just messing with my head.)

The game is to list 4 celebrities that you think have a good chance of getting arrested soon.  And, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve all had those crazy nights in college where we may have woken up in the drunk tank.  I’m talking about these types of arrests, not murderous rampage arrests.   If you win, if one of your celebrities get arrested, I will send you something in the mail and if mine wins, I will just dance in celebration.  Yay!

Here are mine:

Lindsay Lohan (I love me some LiLo.  I have loved her since The                      Parent   Trap and always will.  I just hope she gets her shit together.)
Tara Reid
Charlie Sheen
Spencer Pratt
(I don’t feel very confident about this one)

What are yours?  I’m going to make a spreadsheet about this.  This is going to be fun! (Also, if you can repeat, but don’t repeat someone else’s entire list.

I love my blog friends.  They’re the awesomest.  And, since most of you are also avid bloggers, you know what I’m talking about.  I feel like the wonderful people I’ve met through blogging are the friends I’ve been looking for all my life.  I’m trying to prove this point to my friend, Lotus.  Please visit her blog and leave her a comment telling her how much you love blogging and other bloggers.  She needs it.

In honor of all of this love, I am going to highlight some of my buds.  I can’t highlight everyone I love, because this post would end up being ridiculously long and no one would want to read it.  Sorry.

First up, Ms. Nilsa from SomiSpeaks.  She’s just awesome, and tells it like it is.  She does a little blog feature every week, telling about different posts she’s enjoyed lately and I really like that.

The lovely Shannon from Tattoos & CupcakesShannon is adorable and a super talented photographer.  I love reading about her adventures with Honey Bunches and their dogs.  If you want to meet the most positive person on earth, check out her blog and leave her a comment.

Next up, Roxy from GrrrFeisty.  First off, the name grr feisty is fantastic.  And, Roxy is a math teacher and crafter.  I’ve never found this combo before, not saying it’s rare or anything, it’s just rare to me.  She makes these cute dinosaurs with mustaches that I love.  I mean, a dinosaur with a mustache, how can you not love that?!  There are tons of webcam pics, and for some reason, this endears me to Ms. GrrFeisty.  Probably because she always looks great and I’m way to vain about my looks and the way my house looks to take webcam pics…not to mention I have no webcam.

‘sigh’  Iris from i-zilla the terrible.  She’s awesome and crafty and likes cupcakes and colorful things.  I mean, the background of her iPhone is cupcakes.  Iris is just awesome.  That’s all I have to say about that.  (Just look at those glasses…I need a pair, stat!)

Then, there is Ms. Sizzle and her adventures being the super at an apartment building full of crazy people.  She’s astoundingly entertaining, honest and nice and is a very quick email responder!  I’m so glad I met her and have enjoyed reading about the insanity she puts up with everyday.

That’s it for now, but I’m thinking of making this a series.

I’m having mom troubles lately.  I wasn’t going to write about this, but I need some feedback.

She’s not very supportive of who I am.  Ok.  I get that.  You would’ve made different choices for my life and you don’t agree with the way I do most things.  That’s cool.  Where the problem lies is that she doesn’t seem to care for me as a person.  She can’t differentiate that I’m still her daughter and still the person she claims to love even though I make decisions she doesn’t like.  Decisions don’t change who I am.  And, even if they did, I’m still her daughter.

She sends me chain emails everyday. (I’ve heard this isn’t a rare interaction between mothers and daughters.)  I’ve asked her to stop.  She claims she sends only the really important ones.  These really important emails are mostly about Obama being the antichrist or something about the government hating Christians or something.  This morning I had one in my inbox encouraging me to stop accepting the new dollars that don’t have the words “In God We Trust” on them.  I wrote back, “Please stop sending me these.”  She replied, “This is important!”  ‘sigh’  To which I said, “Not to me” and she then responded, “I’m so disappointed and sad for you.”  What?!! You’re disappointed in me because I don’t want spam emails & don’t care if our money says In God We Trust?!  Is that something to be disappointed about?

I wrote her back and told her I am disappointed in her, too.  I felt like this merited a response and that was all I could think of.  I’m disappointed that she’s chosen to let something so stupid and petty turn into something so hurtful.  She was barely talking to me before this email this because I warned her (I shouldn’t even have to warn her) I’m getting a new tattoo soon and she told me it breaks her heart that I’m “maiming” myself.

I feel so heartbroken about this.  She’s my mother, for God’s sake, but she doesn’t support me.  I know I’ve made different choices for my life than she would’ve liked and that I’m not the person she wanted me to be, but get over it!  Love the person I am and stop making it sooo hard for us to have a relationship.  A lot of the traits she doesn’t like in me are things in herself she just doesn’t see.  While I’m working to be the best person I can, she disapproves more and more.  It’s ridiculous.  I really don’t know how to react or feel about all of this.

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