Let me introduce you to the cute, adorable and classy Original Lulu Bean.

(And, I learned all about photoshop layers stuff while making this photo)

These totes, makeup bags and purses are so pretty and adorable, and the designer, Laura, makes them by hand!  I’m so jealous, I wish I could sew!

The fabrics used in The Original Lulu‘s line are original and colorful.  With one of these bags to compliment your outfit, you can take a simple look to something great!

The purse Laura sent me is gold and black and I just love it.  It’s big enough to hold my essentials when I go out.  I can’t comfortably fit all of my knitting gear into it, which is probably a good thing.  Justin’s probably relieved.  We went out the other night and a table next to us was harassing me all night about the socks I was knitting.

Please go to Laura’s etsy shop to see all of her awesome Original Lulu‘s.  I couldn’t feature all of them here, but I’ve picked most of my favorites.  It was hard to choose!  (By the way, you can totally tell Laura is a fabric addict.  Her choices are really cool, I would never imagine making a purse out of these patterns, but they work!  I wonder if she loves fabric like I love yarn?)

If you need more Original Lulu and want to find out all about Laura and her design process, check out her great blog.