If you are not aware of what is going on with my A/C and my lovely landlord, Malibu Ken, read here.  Then, please do, come back and read this.

Because it has been ridiculously hot in Atlanta for May, I want the A/C to work as soon as possible.  It’s hard to sleep in this heat, you guys.  And I don’t have fans.  Fans cost money and they don’t grow on trees, unfortunately.  I ventured out into the side yard to find this reset button, armed against spider webs and other unsavory creatures with a broom.And here is the path to the A/C.  It’s a little overgrown and bug infested.  There were branches everywhere.  I was so glad I brought the broom.

See that.  There’s bushes all over the place.  It’s crazy back there and I got about a billion mosquito bites while I was out there.  I’m really itchy.  And hot.  Because I don’t have any A/C.

I had to dig around a little bit for the button.  I thought it was going to be an actual button.  Not some metal rod with an plastic red top.  It was covered in debris.  The broom found it.  Pushing it with my hand alone was impossible, it being a metal rod and all.

I had to use the broom to push the button in and I’m not even sure if it pushed in.  I did apply as much force as I was able to.  I thought that it was working again when I went in the house, but it wasn’t.

After this adventure, I contacted Malibu Ken once again to let him know I pressed the reset button and it wasn’t working.  He completely ignored me.  I waited 24 hours and thought he may have come by and fixed it while I was at work.  (He does weird stuff like that.  He’ll just drop by and not give any warning or tell you that he dropped by if you weren’t home)  I texted him again this morning (3 days since the original contact) and instead of responding to me, he called Roomie, someone completely uninvolved in the situation.  He gave her a list of things to do before she could call the HVAC guy.  He also threatened not to pay the bill if it’s the reset button.  Dick.

I called Malibu Ken and left a message saying that he is to contact me and not Roomie.  I said he needs to call HVAC and have him come as soon as possible, it is unlivibly hot in the house at this time and that we are not going to do any of the things on his list.  He is the landlord and it’s his responsibility to fix the air conditioner because one of us could get hurt or break something.  And, we will not be paying any bills regarding the air conditioner, reset button or not.

Well, you guys, he called back and told me “No one tells me what to do.  No one.  Do you understand that?!!!  No one tells me what to do.  Read your lease!!  No one tells me what to do, do you understand me?!!”

Obviously, I was flabbergasted.  “Malibu Ken,” I said.  “As the landlord, it’s your job to maintain the house, including the A/C.  Because you are the owner of the property, you need to make the appointment.  I’m not going to be responsible for the A/C.”

To which he replied, “READ YOUR LEASE!!  You can move out if you don’t like it!” And hung up.

So…now I’m confused and not sure what to do.  The air conditioner is covered in the lease.  I’ve been a great tenant for three years and I don’t understand this animosity towards me.  I’m just asking him to do him job.  WTF?!!