I am experiencing a situation right now where I just want to bang my fists against the floor and yell, “It’s not fair!!”  Like, it totally sucks having to be responsible and deal with things like an adult.

So, my alma mater, whose name I will not mention, decided that I owed them $1,500 for a semester I did not attend…I called and argued with them and insisted I wasn’t going to pay.  They turned it over to collections.

I appealed this, meanwhile, the collections agency is calling me and my parents (who I haven’t lived with for 6 years) about 5 times a day.  I told them I have an appeal in the works and they basically said, “Well, until the college tells us differently, we’re going to continue harassing you incessantly.”  (At least they’re honest)  My appeal was denied.  The school claimed that I registered for an undergraduate art 101 class.  Dude…as a English Graduate Student, it wasn’t possible for me to register for that class.  Not possible.  And, undergraduate classes aren’t $1,500 a semester.  For one class.  Ridic.

I got a call last week telling me I owed this wonderful institution $80 and need to come down and pay it as soon as possible.  Question mark? “I thought I owed $1500 dollars to the collection agency.”

“Oh, no one told you?  Your appeal was accepted.  Now you only owe 80.”  I’m so confused at this point, you guys.  I got a letter telling me it was denied, whatever.  And I don’t think I owe them any money, but it’s worth $80 to get them to leave me alone.

I’m buying a Scooter.  (This is related, guys, promise)  It’s adorable, and I’ve wanted one for years but wasn’t able to afford one.  Now I can!  Here is me on the exact model I am getting, color and everything!

Justin came with me and I picked it out and we started the loan process, BUT the school still has that shit in collections.  Even though they say I don’t owe them anymore.  Like, a while ago.  Bitches.

I really wanted to throw a temper tantrum and call the Student Accounts and scream at them about how they suck because I never owed them any money for a semester I wasn’t even a student.  But, I acted like an adult and went down there and talked to the dude and he called the collections agency.  And now I only have to wait 30 days.  To get my dream scooter.  Because they are assholes.  And this isn’t the first time they have claimed I owe them money I don’t owe.  But it’s ok.  I will have the Scooter and it will be awesome.

P.S.– My coworkers are great.  They gave me this