I’m pretty sure I’ve raved on and on about Chico in the past (I would look up the the posts and link to them, but I’m feeling a little lazy right now).

Having been a cat person my whole life, I am constantly amazed at how awesome and wonderful having a dog is.  It’s rewarding like nothing I’ve ever experienced.  My cats love me and I love them, but it’s totally different.  Chico is always there, willing to play, wanting my attention, loving me unconditionally.  Wow.

I took some pictures of Chico being super sweet at work and I want to share. :)

Chico’s new favorite thing is to fake pee.  He gets treats at work every time he goes to the bathroom outside.  Well, he thinks he has outsmarted me by begging to go outside every 5 minutes.  He doesn’t even try to fake me out anymore.  He just runs around a bush and then comes in, thinking he’s going to get a treat.  Ridiculous.

See him there, lounging in the field?

Chico is a boob man.