OMG.  There is a terrible bird in the parking lot at work.  It sits on the electric wire between 2 trees.  It squawks.  And when I get out of my car, it swoops, grabs my hair and flaps it’s wings all over me.  It’s freaky, ya’ll.

The stupid thing is attacking about half of the employees here.  It doesn’t care about the other half.  I am confused.  We think it’s nest is in the bushes, but we don’t know why it only comes after some people.  Like, it got me twice yesterday, but not today.  When I drove up, I made sure I knew where it was before I got out of my car…then nothing.  But it attacked my friend who came in after me.

It’s funny listening to people tell about the bird when they are coming in the front door.  They’re like, “Holy shit, you guys, this bird just flew out of the trees and attacked me!”  And we’re, “Yeah, join the club.”  I wish I had a picture, but I have been too busy running away to take one.