I still don’t have the scooter. (If you don’t know about the scooter, read here.)  I learned this weekend that in our current economy, you have to go into debt to get credit, but you can’t get any credit if you haven’t already gone into debt. What is a girl to do?  It’s very frustrating.  I have decided to just pay for the scooter in cash, I didn’t want to do this, but I really want it and have for a very long time.  I want it to be my primary vehicle.  I hate driving my car, any car really.  Once again, here is the absolute cuteness, just mine is going to be seafoam.  ‘sigh’  I can’t wait until it’s mine.  Anyways, I should have it this weekend or later next week and I am going to share sooooo many pictures with you guys that you’re never going to want to see a scooter again going to have to run out and get one yourself.

Guess what?!  (if you don’t know about the A/C, read here, here and here.  Then comeback)  My air conditioner is fixed, yay!  It’s no longer sweltering in my house, not to mention the humidity in Georgia is insane.  Insane. The A/C people and Malibu Ken have a lot in common.  They came in the night, while no one was home, and replaced the unit.  No one called to tell me that there were strange men stomping around my yard at 10pm.  I’m glad I didn’t come home in the middle of it and have a freak out.

So, yay.  Scooter situation is almost solved and it’s no longer hot.  Life is good!