I’m having mom troubles lately.  I wasn’t going to write about this, but I need some feedback.

She’s not very supportive of who I am.  Ok.  I get that.  You would’ve made different choices for my life and you don’t agree with the way I do most things.  That’s cool.  Where the problem lies is that she doesn’t seem to care for me as a person.  She can’t differentiate that I’m still her daughter and still the person she claims to love even though I make decisions she doesn’t like.  Decisions don’t change who I am.  And, even if they did, I’m still her daughter.

She sends me chain emails everyday. (I’ve heard this isn’t a rare interaction between mothers and daughters.)  I’ve asked her to stop.  She claims she sends only the really important ones.  These really important emails are mostly about Obama being the antichrist or something about the government hating Christians or something.  This morning I had one in my inbox encouraging me to stop accepting the new dollars that don’t have the words “In God We Trust” on them.  I wrote back, “Please stop sending me these.”  She replied, “This is important!”  ‘sigh’  To which I said, “Not to me” and she then responded, “I’m so disappointed and sad for you.”  What?!! You’re disappointed in me because I don’t want spam emails & don’t care if our money says In God We Trust?!  Is that something to be disappointed about?

I wrote her back and told her I am disappointed in her, too.  I felt like this merited a response and that was all I could think of.  I’m disappointed that she’s chosen to let something so stupid and petty turn into something so hurtful.  She was barely talking to me before this email this because I warned her (I shouldn’t even have to warn her) I’m getting a new tattoo soon and she told me it breaks her heart that I’m “maiming” myself.

I feel so heartbroken about this.  She’s my mother, for God’s sake, but she doesn’t support me.  I know I’ve made different choices for my life than she would’ve liked and that I’m not the person she wanted me to be, but get over it!  Love the person I am and stop making it sooo hard for us to have a relationship.  A lot of the traits she doesn’t like in me are things in herself she just doesn’t see.  While I’m working to be the best person I can, she disapproves more and more.  It’s ridiculous.  I really don’t know how to react or feel about all of this.