Well, it looks like Lindsey Lohan is about to be arrested for failure to show up in court and failure to complete alcohol awareness classes.  Read about it here.  If she does end up getting arrested, these people will have won:

Chris W


I love this picture and I feel it accurately describes how I feel today.  And, it’s still morning, so.  I love the morning and spring mornings are great.  Everything smells fresh and dew is covering all of nature and the day has endless possibilities.  ‘sigh’  It’s so wonderful.

I was listening to a local radio show this morning and they were playing a betting game.  And, it was awesome, yet still a little mean and at someone else’s expense.  But we can all participate and it will be fun.  (Did I mention I’m a little high on various cold medicines at this point?  Not really high, they are just messing with my head.)

The game is to list 4 celebrities that you think have a good chance of getting arrested soon.  And, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve all had those crazy nights in college where we may have woken up in the drunk tank.  I’m talking about these types of arrests, not murderous rampage arrests.   If you win, if one of your celebrities get arrested, I will send you something in the mail and if mine wins, I will just dance in celebration.  Yay!

Here are mine:

Lindsay Lohan (I love me some LiLo.  I have loved her since The                      Parent   Trap and always will.  I just hope she gets her shit together.)
Tara Reid
Charlie Sheen
Spencer Pratt
(I don’t feel very confident about this one)

What are yours?  I’m going to make a spreadsheet about this.  This is going to be fun! (Also, if you can repeat, but don’t repeat someone else’s entire list.