So.  I texted my neighbor last night. (If you’re wondering why I’m talking about poo, read here.  Then please come back.)  I texted because he wasn’t home when I left and I’m lazy.  Walking across the street is a lot of work.

He told me that he doesn’t care about me enough to put all that effort into getting me back for the cat poo.  I claimed that my cats don’t poo in his yard.  And then I said “Your mom.”  He said I crossed the line, whatev.  He totally wishes he had thought of that comeback first.  Then, he told me it’s probably one of the other neighbors who is tired of the cat poo.  How many times do I have to tell this guy that my cats aren’t pooing in his yard?!! Geez.

I saw him taking his kids to school this morning and I gave him the “I’m watching you!”

Then, I allowed Chico to chase his 4 year-old into the car.  The kid wouldn’t get in his car seat.  You’re welcome.