So, I had some requests for an outfit post.  These are not really my thing (doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy other people’s outfit posts) but I decided to do one.  In light of the new hair.

I put on a new dress I just bought and straightened my hair.  All for you.  Because I heart ya’ll.  Then, I realized my hair is very splotchy orange.  Like, Rainbow Bright Orange.  Like Dainty Squid orange, which looks good on her, but just not on me.  So, I called my stylist (hair person) and told her coworkers it’s a 911 situation.  She’s supposed to be calling me back.  ASAP.  While I’m there, I’m going to get my hair cut like Twiggy again.  Like I’ve been planning.

Hopefully I will have not just another hair update, but a scooter update soon!!