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I’m having a tough week and probably won’t be around until Friday or so, but Chico wanted me to remind you guys to enter the giveaway, which ends tomorrow night.  He is super excited about the tees.


I brought Chico to the lake this weekend and he ran full speed off of a retaining wall and then slid down a very steep hill.  I have provided an illustration below.

He flew, then hit the ground, then rolled several feet then slide.  I seriously thought he was probably dead.  Or, at least had some broken bones.  Nope.  He’s, like, made of rubber or something.  He does, however, have a huge knot on his forehead and a bloody lip, but he is unphased.

A few minutes later, he was floating on my stomach.  I think he might have still been in shock.

Yeah, the other guy has a baby and I have my pup.  He (Chico) got plenty of attention from all of the ladies and he hammed it up for them.  I won’t be taking him back to the lake any time soon.

And, if you haven’t entered yet, make sure you get a chance to win a Snorg tee!

I had another metal smithing class last night and it was way better.  We worked on pendants.  In the first 1o minutes of class, some huge, heavy drill thing fell on my head and almost gave me a concussion.  My instructions said their mom instincts kicked in.  They were all over me.  But, I liked it, made me feel loved.  I then proceeded to break about 50 more saw blades, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.  AND I got to play with fire and sauter stuff.  It was awesome.  If they really knew me, I don’t think I would’ve been entrusted with an open flame.  Apparently, if one of the gas canisters gets knocked over and a special part breaks, it will go off like a torpedo.  I just think they’re chained to the walls due to theft.

Getting my tattoo tonight!  I’m super pumped!  I’m taking in my arm, because it will never be the same again. :)  And, good luck to Kyla, who is getting her ink finished tonight!

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway!

UPDATE:  So.  I will not be getting inked tonight.  My lovely artist is having a personal emergency and postponed until next week (she’s okay, don’t worry).  ‘sigh’  I’m really disappointed, but I feel bad for being disappointed.  As a coworker pointed out to me, “What’s the rush?  You’ll have it a lifetime.”  Now, I need plans for the evening.  I’m thinking crafty/Chinese food gorge/movie night.  Anyone in?

Snorg Tees, maker of everything cute and sometimes slightly inappropriate when it comes to tees.  They sent me a shirt to check out and they want to send one to one of you.  I love my tee! It’s super cute.  The Coffee is teling the sugar to “gimme some sugar, baby?  Hee

A lucky one of you will get to pick out your own tee.  Aren’t you so excited?!  I love giveaways.  And,even if you don’t win, Snorg is having a 20% off sale on their entire stock.  In a way, we are all winners here.

Let me tell you how this is going to work, friends.  You must be a follower of this blog.  For one entry, leave a comment.

For extra entries, you may:

  • go to and tell me which shirt is your favorite.  Trust me, it will be super hard to choose.
  • Tweet and/or blog about this giveaway and leave a comment with the link to your blog or twitter post.

Good luck!  I can’t wait for one of you (or many of you with this awesome sale!) to experience your Snorg.

This giveaway will close 12am Eastern Standard time Thursday July 1.

I started taking a metal smithing class last week.  I want to learn how to make things out of metal and use fire and all of that good stuff.

I knew things were starting off well when I turned out to be the only left-handed student in the class and the instructor told me she’s been waiting for my for years.  “Years!” she said.

We sawed.  And I was not pleased.  I assumed we were going to start off with fire and sautering and people getting burned.  Nope.  Just sawing.  The instructor sat beside me.  At first I thought it was because she loved me because I’m left handed and awesome.  I’m pretty sure now that she thinks I’m mentally handicapped.  I broke my blade 10 times.  Seriously.  But, I am now awesome at reblading the saw.  Yay me.  She spoke to me pretty slow the whole time and went through everything step by step, like she would show a 3 year old.  It was cool, though.  I almost got my own private lesson.

I had to fight my urge to talk to everyone in the class like she is my BFF and not be loud.  Or obnoxious.  This behavior most likely led to the instructor assuming I have some kind of mental defect.

I have decided that I seriously need to look into getting a studio.  My art is taking over my house and Roomie agrees.  Hopefully there will be developments on this plan soon.  :)  If you’re in the Atlanta area, are not insane and are trustworthy and might be interested, let me know!  Holla!

And I want to leave you lovlies with this on this wonderful Tuesday, listen to my T-Pain song.  I couldn’t save it to my computer and upload it to the post for some reason, so you’ll just have to click the link.  Let me preface by saying, I’m a good singer.  T-Pain destroys this song.


I don’t understand why boys (men) drive next to me, slow down the car and honk the horn and yell.  Seriously.  Do you think I’m going to stop and talk to you?  This thought process doesn’t make sense to me.  Think about telling your family how you met:

Girl: Well, I was driving down the street and this car next to me was honking! (smiles at boy) At first I thought I had a flat tire or something, but when he stopped at a light he started yelling, “Hey White Girl, gimme your digits!” that really does it for me. (insert heartfelt sigh)  I rolled down the window and gave him my phone number.  He called a few minutes later.  It was love at first ring!


Last night, Justin and I heard some guy yell, “YOU LOOK LIKE A HOOKER!” out of a moving car window.  I bet he didn’t get a number.

Even though the post about my tattoo fears was published only yesterday, the comments, emails and texts I have received have been great.  However, I did not fully explain why my wrist tattoo has meant so much to me.  Possibly more than it would have in different circumstances.

I have a lot of scars. And it’s quite humiliating when people ask me  about them.  I know they are a part of who I am and I feel that they’re self explainatory.  I hate when people ask me about them, so I usually tell them I got attacked by a bear or a wolverine in the tundra or something weird like that.

Since I got the Sparrow over the cigarette burns, people aren’t asking me about the burns as much.  The just ask about the tattoo.  Which is amazing.  Part of the tattooing helps me express myself as an artist and the other part covers the scars I don’t want to be judged for.  Yes, I burned myself with cigarettes several years ago, but that’s not who I am anymore.  The judgment from the scars is way more damning than any tattoo could ever be.  I will forever be seen as the girl who is sad or was sad and has all of those scars that can’t be covered to prove it.  And the half sleeve will be able to cover up some more of these scars.  This is not the only reason I was to get a half sleeve, but it is part of it.  Above, you can see blue lettering across my wrist.  It says hope in Russian and I got it to remind me that even though there are scars that are from a very dark time, there is still hope.  And, I got it in Russian because it’s very personal to me and I don’t know many people who read Russian.

Having color and art over what was once sadness and pain is awesome.  And I can’t wait.  Just the whole process is a little nerve wracking.  But I didn’t give myself the chance to be nervous and think over the scars.  They were an instant decision that is lasting a life time.

If you don’t already know, I have 5 tattoos. One of them can be covered up relatively easily, 3 covered up no problem.  The one on my wrist can only be covered up with long sleeves and in the sweltering Atlanta summer heat, long sleeves aren’t going to happen.

I’ve thought about it for a while and I’m getting a half sleeve.  I had my consultation about a month ago and I have been super excited.  Until lately.  I can’t sleep at night because I’m so nervous.  Like, what if I don’t like it in a year.  What if I don’t like it in a week?!  And I’ve been through all of these feelings before.  And it did take me a while to get used to my sparrow, but now I love it and I can’t imagine not having it.  I feel like it helps define me.  As if, people can see who I am on the inside better because it’s there.  I guess I’m nervous this new tattoo won’t be as amazing for me.

I’ve always loved tattoos and in a perfect world I would want what Dani has.  Not the same thing, just that style.  I love that look!  So, I don’t know why I feel so afraid all of a sudden.  And Kyla just got a shoulder piece that’s beautiful.  Not that if other people are doing something I should do it, I just love her piece.

I guess the permanence and the size if freaking me out a bit.  It’s weird, because I’m also super excited.  And I went to my consultation in May.  I feel strange this is making me so nervous!

Another thing about Atlanta I forgot to add is that people are surprised by the weather every year.

Like this year.  It’s supposed to be 100 today.  And I think I’m going to die.  And I’m going to complain about the heat all day and how it’s so hot and why is the weather like this.  Even though it’s like this every year. ‘sigh’

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