I finally got the scooter!!  I’m sooooo excited!  Here is a pic of it’s glory!!

They dropped it off on Saturday afternoon and I haven’t been in my car since.  The Vespa Midtown dude (they’re awesome, ask for Tyler) showed me how to turn it on and how the lights work and how to open everything.  Then we practiced the kickstand, which is intense!  He left and I was off.

The Vespa guy was like, “Drive it around the block for a while and then around your neighborhood.  Make sure you get really comfortable before you take it out on any main roads.”  And I said, “Definitely.  I don’t think I will be comfortable for a while.”

I drove it around the block once, decided I was comfortable and headed down the road to Justin’s house.  Where it took me about 10 minutes to get it up on the kickstand.  It was especially embarrassing because there was a girl standing out there talking on the phone.  I know she was internally laughing me.  I would’ve been.

I’ve driven it all over the place and I even had Chico on it on my back for a bit. Also, I’ve already dropped it and flooded the engine.  So, you know.  Got that stuff out of the way.

I love it and never want to drive my car again.  Even though I was freezing this morning.  Oh, and this car was tailgating me.  I’m like, dude.  Back off!  Or go around.  Seriously.

On another note…I successfully used the blow dryer this morning. Which, never happens for me.