So.  A couple of months ago (maybe wasn’t quite that long ago) Canvas On Demand offered to send me one of their products in exchange for writing about it here.  Loving free stuff, I obliged.  Gleefully.

Ya’ll this thing is nice!  As you know, I don’t give the bold italics to just anything.  I sent Canvas On Demand my pic and like, a week later it showed up.  I had it sent to my work and everyone was like, “OMG!!  That’s amazing, where can I get one, that’s so cool, blah blah.”  And it is cool.

As you can see from the pictures, I just leaned it up against my painting, storage area (of my living room because my house is really small) and Chico’s bed.  I looks even better than the original picture.  Seriously, you guys.  Amazing.  And now, if I ever stop being lazy and hang it up, I can longingly gaze at a beautiful picture of myself when I was at my ideal weight. ‘sigh’  Oh!  It also comes with the hardware to hang it.

If you need your own Canvas on Demand, click the link and head on over there.  They can pretty much do any picture you want.  They’re pretty BA and have great customer service too, which I love.