Even though the post about my tattoo fears was published only yesterday, the comments, emails and texts I have received have been great.  However, I did not fully explain why my wrist tattoo has meant so much to me.  Possibly more than it would have in different circumstances.

I have a lot of scars. And it’s quite humiliating when people ask me  about them.  I know they are a part of who I am and I feel that they’re self explainatory.  I hate when people ask me about them, so I usually tell them I got attacked by a bear or a wolverine in the tundra or something weird like that.

Since I got the Sparrow over the cigarette burns, people aren’t asking me about the burns as much.  The just ask about the tattoo.  Which is amazing.  Part of the tattooing helps me express myself as an artist and the other part covers the scars I don’t want to be judged for.  Yes, I burned myself with cigarettes several years ago, but that’s not who I am anymore.  The judgment from the scars is way more damning than any tattoo could ever be.  I will forever be seen as the girl who is sad or was sad and has all of those scars that can’t be covered to prove it.  And the half sleeve will be able to cover up some more of these scars.  This is not the only reason I was to get a half sleeve, but it is part of it.  Above, you can see blue lettering across my wrist.  It says hope in Russian and I got it to remind me that even though there are scars that are from a very dark time, there is still hope.  And, I got it in Russian because it’s very personal to me and I don’t know many people who read Russian.

Having color and art over what was once sadness and pain is awesome.  And I can’t wait.  Just the whole process is a little nerve wracking.  But I didn’t give myself the chance to be nervous and think over the scars.  They were an instant decision that is lasting a life time.