I don’t understand why boys (men) drive next to me, slow down the car and honk the horn and yell.  Seriously.  Do you think I’m going to stop and talk to you?  This thought process doesn’t make sense to me.  Think about telling your family how you met:

Girl: Well, I was driving down the street and this car next to me was honking! (smiles at boy) At first I thought I had a flat tire or something, but when he stopped at a light he started yelling, “Hey White Girl, gimme your digits!” that really does it for me. (insert heartfelt sigh)  I rolled down the window and gave him my phone number.  He called a few minutes later.  It was love at first ring!


Last night, Justin and I heard some guy yell, “YOU LOOK LIKE A HOOKER!” out of a moving car window.  I bet he didn’t get a number.