I had another metal smithing class last night and it was way better.  We worked on pendants.  In the first 1o minutes of class, some huge, heavy drill thing fell on my head and almost gave me a concussion.  My instructions said their mom instincts kicked in.  They were all over me.  But, I liked it, made me feel loved.  I then proceeded to break about 50 more saw blades, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.  AND I got to play with fire and sauter stuff.  It was awesome.  If they really knew me, I don’t think I would’ve been entrusted with an open flame.  Apparently, if one of the gas canisters gets knocked over and a special part breaks, it will go off like a torpedo.  I just think they’re chained to the walls due to theft.

Getting my tattoo tonight!  I’m super pumped!  I’m taking in my arm, because it will never be the same again. :)  And, good luck to Kyla, who is getting her ink finished tonight!

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UPDATE:  So.  I will not be getting inked tonight.  My lovely artist is having a personal emergency and postponed until next week (she’s okay, don’t worry).  ‘sigh’  I’m really disappointed, but I feel bad for being disappointed.  As a coworker pointed out to me, “What’s the rush?  You’ll have it a lifetime.”  Now, I need plans for the evening.  I’m thinking crafty/Chinese food gorge/movie night.  Anyone in?