I brought Chico to the lake this weekend and he ran full speed off of a retaining wall and then slid down a very steep hill.  I have provided an illustration below.

He flew, then hit the ground, then rolled several feet then slide.  I seriously thought he was probably dead.  Or, at least had some broken bones.  Nope.  He’s, like, made of rubber or something.  He does, however, have a huge knot on his forehead and a bloody lip, but he is unphased.

A few minutes later, he was floating on my stomach.  I think he might have still been in shock.

Yeah, the other guy has a baby and I have my pup.  He (Chico) got plenty of attention from all of the ladies and he hammed it up for them.  I won’t be taking him back to the lake any time soon.

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