I got home from work yesterday, and one of my neighbors ran up to me and started talking.  I had the headphones on and couldn’t hear what she was saying.  I hadn’t even gotten off the scooter yet, ya’ll.  Anyways, she started telling me that all of the other scooters in the neighborhood were stolen last night, “even the ones that were locked up!!”  I totally don’t believe that the locked up ones were stolen, I’m pretty sure she was just trying to scare me.  Especially because mine is so much cooler than hers, being seafoam green and all, and no one took it.  Then she said, “Just wanted to let you know,” then ran away.  Bitch.  She just wanted to complain about her scooter getting stolen.  You parked it in the street for God’s sake!! Might as well write a note on it that asks to be stolen.

Now, I’m totally worried and paranoid.  Should I sleep out there with it?  Is it scared?  Are they going to come back with magic tools to get through my lock?!  Are they satisfied with the take they got on my neighborhood last night?  Can I please please please park it in your backyard or living room?  It’s too heavy for me to get it up the stairs into mine.  ‘sigh’

Also, one of my other neighbors came home and called Caspian, “Rochester” right in front of me!! Lady, you know his name, seriously.  I’m his mom.  I don’t appreciate you calling him some weird name.  She told me that everyone has their own name for him, like that’s some excuse or something.  Geez.