This morning I was in the shower.  And, I noticed this little granddaddy long legs (GDLL) (or it is daddy long legs?) trying to drop on me.  It was a baby one.  I did the logical thing and cupped water to drop on it.  So it would drown.  Hahaha.  Evil bug.

This is when I noticed the huge and probably older and wiser GDLL in the upper corner of the wall.  I feel certain that that GDLL encouraged the little one to drop down and practice climbing back up.  Spiders totally need to practice that stuff, it’s not like it’s intuitive.  I splashed water all over it’s web and the little one was having issues.  Then I got to thinking that the older GDLL was a horrible parent, encouraging it’s child to practice webdropping while a human (me) with a propensity for killing and drowning his kind was standing there.  Then, I realized that the older GDLL probably wasn’t the little one’s parent at all.  He is probably an evil uncle or something and is trying to act like he’s helping the little one but really wants him dead so he can have all of the little flies and stuff to himself.  Ass!! Don’t fret.  The little GDLL made it up the wall and to the far corner.  He has a few hours left to live.  I’m totally spraying both of them to death with Raid when I get home.