I am one of those weird people who hate summer.  Sure, when I was a kid it was pretty cool.  No school and I could go to the pool all day.  There were camps to go to and lots of outdoorsy things  to participate in.  Then, I went to college.  And  I got a job and now it’s just hot.  There is no more fun or whole days at the pool.  Well, on the weekends there are.

I do enjoy summer activities, like going to the beach and stuff.  Problem is, I don’t live at the beach.  If I did, I would probably hate my life because as an adult I have to go to work and the beach is right there and I have to wait until Saturday to go there and where the hell do I go on vacation now?  It’s like a sauna in Atlanta.  Being hot is one of my least favorite things ever.  True story.

On Monday, I decided to have some me time and channel fall.  There was just enough breeze that I was able to pretend.  Like, October fall.  Not September, that is just an extension of August.  It was lovely.  Until a mosquito bit me and I saw a flea.

Now we are in a heat wave.  And it’s humid as it can be.  And I feel like whining about it, you’re welcome.

UPDATE:  When I was out for my lunch break, I was people just wilting in the heat.  People are literally melting.  True story.