A lot of things have changed for me lately.  Mostly of my own making.  I dyed my hair blonde, chopped my hair off, had a relationship end and started a half sleeve tattoo.

And, now that I just got my hair trimmed and recut (hair grows, it’s strange) people are feeling free to tell me how they really felt about it before.  Like, “I like the new color (which is pretty much the same as this color) you weren’t really pulling it off before.” “I didn’t really like your hair, but now that it frames your face, it’s a lot better.”  “It was too yellow.”  Seriously?!  Keep it to yourself, people.  If you don’t have something nice to say, just hold it in.

I didn’t think all of these things would have this effect, but I feel kind of lost.  Like, I’m not sure who I am…not in the way where I don’t know myself or anything like that.  Just confused.  I feel like I look like a boy half the time.  Most things actually are the same, same job, house, friends and stuff.  Most of the little things that I have used to define myself are different.  Hair length, color.  Little things.  I didn’t think they would make such a big difference.

And, a lot of the lost feeling is probably from the relationship.  I am, however, getting used to the tattoo.  It takes a while, like, “Holy shit!  This is on my arm permanently!”

Oh, and guess what?  My air conditioner broke…again. Now I have to call Malibu Ken and deal with him.  I’m sure he’ll be delightful and ask me a bunch of questions insulting my intelligence, like, “Are you sure it’s on?”