Can you believe it’s August already?  I feel like I was complaining about the cold in my office a couple of weeks ago or something.  You know what August means?  The hot is almost over.  Hells yes!

I would like to introduce you to my plant.  This is the only plant I’ve ever kept alive.  Ever.  Like, I can’t even keep plants in the yard alive and they’re natural, or something. 

Isn’t it cute?  When it came to me, it didn’t have any blooms.  I water it and break off the dead leaves and feel really proud about it.

Even though I’ve kept 2 cats alive for the past 4 years, this is somehow more exhilarating.   Is this weird?  I feel like it’s super weird.  I love my plant, though.

Do people usually name plants?  I don’t have a name for it.