Did you guys hear that a lady in Atlanta was robbed and tied to her bed and then saved herself my typing to her boyfriend with her feet?!!  Pretty awesome.  I don’t know if I would’ve been able to type with my feet.  And, she’s allowing all of these news shows, including the Today Show to show her feet.  I’m really impressed with her.  Wow.

The lovely Ms. Little Big, who was also the Snorg Tee winner, bestowed me with the Versatile Blogger award.  Awesomeness.  Thanks!
As you all know, I went through a break up lately.  And, as you probably know from personal experience, it blows.  Like, really hard.  These posts are great and so true of what the right thing to do it.  Click here and here (even if you haven’t been through a break up recently, they’re really entertaining and will make you want to say “Amen” out loud).  My favorite part of these, thought, it that after the Move on he’s just not into you speech, Caroline gets super real.

I made a chain the other day.  Like, totally by hand.  Out of wire.  And, it’s awesome.  And, I made it.  Tomorrow, in class, I will start sautering it.  The best part is, I downloaded a stop motion app on my phone and made a really horrible stop motion video of the making of the chain and it getting longer.  It’s mildly entertaining.

I will be participating in this

If you’re interested, sign up!  It should be a blast!

Have a great Wednesday!