Since I was a little disappointed at the response from the first go ’round, I’m posting this again.  We have a good start, which you can see from the comments.  But, we need more.  Please comment, be a part of the conversation!  I heard a new ad the other day and the Most Interesting Man in the World walks by you and even in he doesn’t say anything, you feel like he asked you about your morning and said hello.  We need an equivalent to that.  The girl that you want to be and the one the guys want to do.  Like, Fiona from Burn Notice.


Come on, friends, let’s make this lady!


The most interesting man in the world sees pretty awesome.  If you haven’t seen these commercials, I suggest you watch at least one here (scroll down).  I’d totally want to date him if he wasn’t as old as my grandfather, and seemingly self-centered.

But, where’s ours, ladies?  We need a most interesting lady.  And I say lady and not woman because, being from the South, anyone can be a woman, but it takes something special to be a Lady.  What kind of qualities should the Most Interesting Lady in the World have?  I need your help on this and then I will compile and possibly make a video.  If not a video, definitely something cool.


One quality she possesses is confidence in herself.  Who she is and what she does.

What kind of qualities do you want in her?