My whole plan for my costume this year was a couple theme.  And it was going to be super cute.  Now that I am no longer part of a couple, I’m having a hard time coming up with ideas.  Yes, I know it’s only August, but I take seriously (I even have a  black cat tattooed on my hip) and I need to have a costume materializing.

So, let’s visit costumes of  past.

A Dorothy theme.  If you didn’t already know, I love The Wizard of Oz.  But, there was a girl at the party with the exact same costume on!  Except she was blond and I totally pulled it off better.  But, still.

I continued the theme and was the Wicked Witch of the East, you know, the one the house fell on.  I think Matt was some weird robot, alien, police something?  Notice my nice red eyes, very witchy!

Pin up girl, Sailor Style.  And yes, I wore this to a party all night and it was awesome.  Matt, the guy in the 2 previous pictures and I had broken up and I was all like, “My ass isn’t going to look this good forever” and I went for it.  Best. Costume. Ever. If you were wondering, I was cold that night, but I had a slight fever because I was sick, but just had to wear this costume.  The fever kept me warm.

And last year I was a 50’s house wife.  I wanted to be Bonnie and Clyde, but the ex wouldn’t go for it.  So, I threw this together at the last minute.  Partly didn’t make a big to do about it because I felt fat :(.

So, guys, this year I need something really good!  As you can see, I have a Halloween costume legacy to keep up and I need your help!  Any ideas?