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So, I’m thinking I may not drink caffeine anymore.  But, that’s really hard.  And, like, my favorite drink of all time is coffee and things that taste like coffee.  And what about coffee ice cream?  Do they have decaf coffee ice cream, I’m pretty sure that doesn’t exist!

I do have a good reason for thinking about, maybe, considering no more caffeine.  It’s because of the PANIC!!  If I haven’t mentioned this before, I have panic disorder (like The Bloggess, but I don’t spend parties in the bathroom) and agoraphobia (please click link if you think this is a fear of open spaces).  And the panic has been super duper, really, horribly, terribly bad and intense lately.  Caffeine tends to heighten the panic.  Therefore, removing it from my diet is probably an awesome idea.  Want to make sure you don’t think I’m doing it like, becoming a vegan because all my friends are and I buy all of my clothes from American Apparel or something.

My office doesn’t provide decaf coffee and I would have to stop by Dunkin Donuts every morning (by the way, best coffee on the planet!!) and get some.  Which means I will have to get up a little earlier.  And spend money when there is perfectly free coffee at work, but it, unfortunately, has caffeine.  I’m totally against paying for things when there are other free things.  And I love Chai tea, and I don’t think they have good Chai decaf (mind you, I haven’t researched this at all).  I don’t think I can drink hot tea in the mornings for forever. ‘sigh’  Thank God they make caffeine free Coke!

I also feel like I should make some kind of anti-caffeine stand if I’m going to quit it.  But I don’t know if I have it in me.

UPDATE:  I had to break down and take the ativan today and I haven’t even had any caffeine…sigh…you guys….

UPDATE!!  Maybe I need to do some kind of master cleanse to get all of the caffeine out of my system?  What do you all think of that? And good or bad experiences?