So, I’m combining two posts today (how many posts have I started with “So?”). I’m traveling to New York for the first time and this involves a plane and the airport and these things make me anxious, I’m not even good at traveling in the car. Flying by myself is just no beuno for moi. (Roomie and Chico are home holding down the fort all weekend.)

This is going to be a play by play of my flight, so keep checking back!

This was me at work all day, ready to go

Security line, fun! They’ve ramped it up since the last time I was on a plane.

Where are all of the nice smoking areas I remember? Oh, it’s 3 miles down another concourse and around the corner up the escalator thru the restaurant and behind a secret wall.

And…waiting to board…

My first view of NYC!!

Omg, all of these crazy people accosted me to get in their cars when I walked out if the airport

And I’m here!!

On my way to Times Square!