I’m back from New York City and it was amazing.  OMG, I really want to move there and one of my friends who moved from Atlanta to NY a few years ago is being a complete enabler.  ‘sigh’  I loved it!  And I have some great pics!

When I first arrived, this adorable little face greeted me!  Dudley, he’s the cutest and the sweetest!  And he’s a total mutt and no one knows what kind of dog he is.  He’s one of a kind.

And then came seeing friends.  From Atlanta.  We flew all the way to NY to hang out with each other.

Then I saw this awesomeness while walking from the subway to Times Square.  There were several of them.  I would love to dress up some statues, that sounds like a blast.  Except mine would all be zombies and strippers.  That’s how I roll.

Knitting was definitely invited.  And only a few people asked me about it, which is down from the usual numbers of a ton.

The last day, I went to Central Park with the enabler friend and it was really cool!

And then there was this guy.  Near Strawberry Field, which people were ridiculously interested in.  It only says Imagine on the ground.  It’s not like he actually died there!

I appreciate the honesty.

And then…there were cupcakes!!!  Yes!  The most amazing cupcake shop!

And then there’s me, being a ham because I love cupcakes with all of my body.

And that friends, was my trip to NY.  I took way more pictures than i am sharing, but I don’t want to bore you.  And now I’m in love with NY…sigh.  I’m going to start visiting frequently to see if I really do want to move there because I spend all of my time wanting to do things and never doing them and someday I’m going to be 80 and I don’t want to look back at my life and wish I had pursued things I wanted to.  I’m working on living in the now and taking charge of what I want.  So, yay.