Today is one of those days where I wanted to shatter my alarm clock by throwing it into the wall.  I didn’t though, because I use my iPhone as my alarm clock and let’s face it, those things aren’t cheap.  Even though I had a nice, long weekend, for some reason I kind of feel as if I didn’t have a weekend at all.


You know what is exciting, tho?  The crisp fall smell and the cool weather I experienced while walking to my car this morning.  Fall is on it’s way and I can’t wait, because fall means Halloween.  My favorite holiday!  And I saw that the pumpkin spice latte is on the menu at coffee shops, which is when you know Autumn has ushered its way into our lives.  (I’m pretty sure it’s on there the whole year, but they just start advertising it in September)

And, guess what?  I visited my family in Macon, Georgia this weekend and my grandmother didn’t even make anyone cry.  It’s a fucking miracle, ya’ll.  True story.