I discovered this little treasure in the fridge at work.  Ok.  I’m confused.  How can you have 120% Vitamin C?  Can’t you only have 100% of something.  Like, when people are saying they are really giving 110%, we all know that that person is a little brown nosing asshole because mathematically, that’s not possible.  And, do I want to even drink 120% of Vitamin C?  Is there 120% of the apple juice with the Vitamin C and no apples?  If that’s the case, I’m worried as to why we are letting little kids drink this. 

When I poured myself a glass a little, fuzzy bit of something (I’m assuming Vitamin C) floated to the top to say “hai!”  And it doesn’t even expire until November.  Gross.  That’s what this much of anything will do to you.