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I finally went to a yoga class.  After talking about it for, like, a month.  Seriously.  It was about time.  And, I don’t know why every time I go to yoga (which has been twice to a class and a few times with the Wii Fit) I think it’s going to be relaxing.  It never is.  It’s like a 4th dimension of hell, but in a kind of good way.  A few weeks ago, or maybe it was last week, my friend Sizzle was talking all about the plank pose.  And I thought it wasn’t a big deal.  Oh, you held it for a minute, big whoop.  Dude.  I held it for about 2 seconds.  OMG, it was hard. Because I don’t know what scoop your tailbone means.

It’s a new comer class, for 6 weeks.  Hopefully I will get better at the plank.