One day I’m going to…

  • Feel apart of
  • Have a place
  • Have one kind of career
  • Be more confident
  • Find peace
  • Be flexible

I have always felt that there is going to come a day when I will arrive.  But, I’m reading this awesome book called When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron.  (It’s a really great book, Chodron is a Buddhist Monk)  The point is brought up that there is no day.  We never arrive.  Which was mind opening for me. I have always thought, “When I graduate from high school,”When I turn 25,” “When I graduate from college,” “When I get a real job…” and then the day gets here and I’m still the same person.  With the same hopes and goals and nothing magically changed because some monument I had been looking forward to passed.  I have to live every day and work for my goals and try to BE everyday, just as hard as I tried the day before.  While a realization like this is a little discouraging, it is encouraging, too.  Especially right now with everything.