Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

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I watch a lot of Law & Order SVU.  Like, a lot.  Today, I was working from home and the only thing on was L & O Criminal Intent, so I had to settle for that in the background (I love you Vincent, but you’re no Mariska).  Actually, an episode I’ve never seen came on the other day and it was awesome.

One of my life dreams is to be on the show.  Obviously, for this to happen, I will have to play a rape victim, which I can do.  I feel like my skill set fits this well.  Here are my reasons

why I will be so awesome:

She's hot. And has a gun. And she's a detective. Trifecta

  1. I can overact.
  2. I can play surprised…really, really well
  3. I can lie.  All of the victims on the show end up lying in some way or another.  Seriously.  I got plenty of practice lying about where I was and what I was doing there in high school.  I’m a pro.
  4. I can play sadistic.  To see why, refer to #3 (high school was an interesting time for me, remind me to tell you about it some time)
  5. Over emotional, dude…that is totally my bag.  I overdo every emotion anyway, why not get paid for it?

I had a lot more reasons the last time I was watching an SVU marathon.  Which was Sunday.  Because, what would a Sunday afternoon be without 5 straight hours of Elliot and Liv solving murders, suspecting child molesters and throwing punches at priests?  Boring, that’s what.