Last Friday, I went to the movies with my bud, Sonal.  I love the drive-in.  You can walk around.  You can smoke (I know, I know)  You get to watch 3 movies for $7 per person.  You can bring in food.  Oh, and they have blue slushies.

Not to mention, the guys who work there are characters.  I’m pretty sure it’s a drug trap as well as an operating movie theater.  Endless entertainment going on.

Sonal and I had a horror movie marathon.  Three movies.  6 hours.  I saw every

movie I’ve been waiting to come out in one night for $7.  Plus the cost of blue slushies.

First up, My Soul to Take. I have nothing to say about this movie.  Sucked. It was directed by Wes Craven, and the commercials pretty much over shoot so much that you know the movie is going to suck.  Lines like, “Directed by horror master, Wes Craven…” have to be making up for something.  Maybe seeing it in 3-D makes a difference.  I doubt it.

But the main character looks eerily similar to this guy I used to date who shared my name (super weird to date someone with the same name as me).  And, in the movie, his name is Bug, my parents nickname for me.  Creepy…

Second up…Devil by M. Night Shyamalan.  This was better, but in classic M. Night Shyamalan fashion, I learned a valuable lesson about human nature while watching the movie.

Five strangers step into an elevator for the ride of their lives.  Once they reach the upper floors of the building (thirty something or other) the elevator stops.  Building security and technicians can’t figure out the problem.  Much to their horror, not only is the elevator stuck, the power starts to flicker and the lights go out.  When power returns, one of the passengers is dead and the remaining are left to point the finger at each other.

The action starts quickly and continues throughout the movie.  If you’re a fan of M. Night Shyamalan, you will probably enjoy this slow paced thriller.  If not, you should pass.  I personally love his movies (minus Lady in the Water) but I know to go into the movie not expecting anything.  Shyamalan’s movies are rarely the psychological horrors they’re advertised to be.

Lastly, and my favorite of the night, is Case 39, starring Renée Zellweger…and a creepy kid.  Creepy kids as the focal point make the best horror movies.

Emily Jenkins (Zellweger) is a close to burnt out social worker.  When one more case, making her case load 39 children, is dropped on her desk, she doesn’t think she can handle it.

Jenkins diligently meets with the girl, who is suffering signs of neglect, and her parents.  While nothing is obviously wrong, Jenkins becomes attached to the girl.  One night, she receives a call from the girl (Lily) saying her parents are trying to get her.  Jenkins frantically jumps in her car and rushes to Lily’s aid.

The scene she barges in on is horrific.  The parents have shut Lily in an oven and turned it on, cooking Lily alive.  Jenkins saves the girl and the parents are immediately arrested.  Lily is obviously shaken and dealing with emotional scars, but falls in love with Jenkins.  Jenkins takes Lily in as a foster child.

Soon things begin happening to the people around Jenkins.  Strange things.  And it looks las if Lily is to blame.  The story continues from there in an action filled, thrilling story that caused me to gasp and jump.  It was the first movie I’ve seen in a long time where I started to have panic creep up.  While this sucks, considering I’m so prone to panic attacks, it means to movie was freaking good.  Major thumbs up!  I was definitely horrified, and not by how bad the movie or acting was (not the case with My Soul to Take).