Recently, I was hanging out with my aunt, who is a voice teacher.  She was on the phone with a student’s mother and I was flipping channels.  She hung up the phone and looked at me.  “Guess who’s coming?” she said.

I raised an eyebrow.

“Well,” she started.  Everyone in my family is a story teller.  It’s not just me.  “That was so and so’s mom.  She asked if she can bring a friend to our lesson to hear her. I said, ‘Sure!  Anyone I know?’  Then she said, Otis Redding!!

I, of course being a big fan (or so I thought), totally freaked.  “Otis Redding?!! Here?!  Are you kidding me?”  I immediately started trying to rearrange my schedule.  We were psyched!

After a few minutes of calling people (I totally posted it on Twitter and Facebook) we ran downstairs to tell her husband.  He looked at both of us in the eye.  “Otis Redding died in the ’60s.”  OMG.  I feel like an idiot.